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Forty Thieves Live “a ballsy mix of seemingly non-related styles that somehow makes for an inspired experience.”

“a diverse, uncompromising and creative blend of electronic music and world music.”

“Forty Thieves meshes sumptuous strings and traditional Balkan sounds with rolling, electronic rhythms drawn from reggae, dub, gypsy and hip-hop”

Forty Thieves Orkestar seduce with rich combinations of rhythm, groove and melody; with classy, detailed and clever arrangements that highlight the quality of every instrument. They make a bold and luscious noise that is oftentimes playful, tragic, and deeply uplifting sometimes even within a single song. Stylistically Forty Thieves Orkestar brew a heady potion made from Balkan gypsy music, dub reggae, klezmer, hip hop, electronica and abstract filmic soundscapes. Brass, clarinet, violins, accordion, oud and percussion interweave with earthy samples, crisp beats, evocative atmospherics, and studio trickery.

For a limited time you can download two free standout tracks.
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