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“a confident, impressive debut from a group of swank and inventive musicians.”

1. Only For Kings
2. Balkan Babylon
3. Jamal
4. Rabble Rouser
5. Slow Burn Red
6. Big Belly Beat

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“Forty Thieves mesh sumptuous strings and traditional Balkan sounds with rolling, electronic rhythms drawn from reggae, dub, gypsy and hip-hop. Backed by a strong artistic vision, they manage to synthesize this spectrum of influences into a unified, groove-based journey with a truly natural flow. Sweeping, cinematic tracks like “Balkan Babylon,” “Rabble Rouser” and “Cairo” instantly transport listeners to an exotic setting that rocks with playful intrigue. The miscellany of their material and the tone they achieve—at once buoyant, warm and mellow—make this an immensely enjoyable exercise in instrumentation and a confident, impressive debut from a group of swank and inventive musicians.”
(World Pulse Magazine Review)

If Matthew Herbert were to score an Errol Flynn swashbuckler, the results might be somewhat akin to the widescreen debut album from Aidan Love’s Forty Thieves Orkestar project. Incorporating a broad palette of exotic sound sources, “Forgotten Tales” is a regular Alladin’s cave of baroque, burlesque delights.
Weaving together live strings and traditional Balkan instruments with processed beats and the odd flourish of Fourtet style glitchery, the Forty Thieves greatest strength is the sheer range and variety of their material. Evoking Algerian café culture, circa 1935 (“Slow Burn Red”) comes as naturally to them as re-interpreting Kraftwerk as gypsies with laptops on “Beirut Express”.

As exemplified by the mighty oompah-led groove of “Balkan Babylon”, much of the album has an epic, soundtrack feel. Some classy arrangements and deft layering of textures allow the live instrumentation space to really soar. Moments of tense pizzicato strings a la Roy Budd give way to gorgeous jazz-era clarinet or splashes of Romanian accordion, and the result is a warm, organic feel which permeates the whole album.
This is a strong, assured debut from an imaginative and mature group of musicians. Insidiously melodic and confidently exotic, “Forgotten Tales” is a magic carpet of an album that’s well worth a ride.

(Gavin Stuart – ‘Rip & Burn’)

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