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‘A richly satisfying, widescreen beauty of a thing’.

1. Dust of the Orient
2. Seven Wonders
3. Spaghetti Eastern
4. Rise Up
5. City Gates
6. Lazy Town

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“Infused with a strong sense of play, Forty Thieves Orkestar create an all-engrossing experience with the expressive “Seven Wonders”. Stylistically Forty Thieves Orkestar runs the gamut from Balkan gypsy music, dub reggae, klezmer and too many more to list. This plethora of influences is brewed together utilising a crisp emphasis on digital studio manipulation while maintaining a tactile, living breathing feel across the album. The atmosphere of the album varies significantly as each particular piece is allowed to tell its own unique story. Such an approach results in music that is oftentimes playful, tragic, and deeply uplifting sometimes even within a single song.”

“It takes a lot for artists to put this kind of commitment into fine-tuning their craft, but it is breathtakingly apparent with how the carefully orchestrated ‘Seven Wonders’ weaves a web of complex beauty around your ears”

“a world where old and new cross paths very seamlessly”

“Forty Thieves Orkestar treat listeners to seductive combinations of rhythm, groove and melody; with classy, detailed and clever arrangements that highlight the quality of every instrument.”

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